Commercial Insulation

•  Weathershield meets all local and federal Canadian building code requirements while maintaining a higher value of insulating quality (R-value) than the same volume of any other insulation.

•  Due to being blown into place, it fills in the irregular cavities of your building and prevents air infiltration and convection. Properly installed, it prevents ice damning, and protects the building from vermin.

•  The Weathershield formula is proven to resist and contain the growth of mould and mildew, and doesn’t break down.

•  Its relative density makes it one of the best soundproofing products on the market; perfect for dealing with loud work environments.

•  Its fire-resistant properties mean that a building will burn slower than the competitive fiberglass or foam insulation.

•  What you spend on it, you’ll make back in reduced heating bills (up to a 50% difference!).

Installation Guidelines

Weathershield is to be installed in accordance with the General Installation Guidelines for Weathershield Insulation. Weathershield requires no specific maintenance. For attic installations, it is recommended that the building owner periodically inspect the attic to ensure that access traffic has not displaced insulation, disturbed ventilation or permitted insulation to contact heat sources. We warrant Weathershield to meet published specifications provided it is properly installed. The applicator must warrant the particular installation. For advice on arranging your installation, please visit the Contact Us page.

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