Wallbar Insulation

Wallbar Insulation

 The sister product to Weathershield, WallBAR is a formed-in-place fibrous insulation system for use in exterior walls, interior and party wall applications, and sloped ceilings. Like Weathershield, it is made of 100% recycled material and harmless, naturally-occurring chemicals.


Non-Toxic & Family Safe


WallBAR boasts almost identical qualities to Weathershield, but with wall application strictly in mind.

•  Highly effective at muting outdoor sound or sound from other rooms (exact ratings available on request).

•  Will save as much as 50% in heating bills, allowing savings to quickly overtake the cost.

•  Non-toxic and family safe, making it worry-free for homes and businesses.

•  Properly applied, will fill in any wall cavity seamlessly with no air leakage.

•  Manufactured with harmless fire retardant chemicals.